How to start a podcast with no audience? [Solved] (2022)

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Can you have a podcast with no guests?

Without any audience listening to your podcast, it would nearly be impossible to convince any guest to appear on your podcast. Don't worry! Every podcast starts with zero listeners. Each one of the podcasters starts on zero footings and without any guests.... read more ›

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What stops people from starting a podcast?

Finally, many people are afraid it is too time-consuming, too expensive, and difficult to monetize.
  • Fear of being an imposter (the imposter syndrome) ...
  • Fear of Failure. ...
  • Fear of the new. ...
  • Routines are comfortable. ...
  • Fear that podcasting will be time-consuming. ...
  • It's expensive to begin. ...
  • Difficult to monetize.
... see more ›

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How do I get my first 100 podcast listeners?

Finding listeners for your new podcast can be tricky. Here's how to build some early momentum.
  1. Focus on “who” before “how” ...
  2. Solve your listeners' problems. ...
  3. Plant the seeds for your podcast on social media. ...
  4. Book guests who bring listeners with them. ...
  5. Write an episode description they can't resist.
Jul 20, 2022

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How long does it take for a podcast to make money?

Relying on the experience of Marc Clair, a podcast host, and producer, it may take as long as 18 months before you start seeing results. That's if you produce a show weekly. In his words, things can be faster than stated if you have luck, a marketing budget, and irresistible content.... see details ›

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What do you say in your first podcast episode?

How to structure your intro episode
  • Address your audience, welcome them to the show.
  • Introduce yourself as the host of the show. Include your name. ...
  • Mention what inspired you to start your podcast. ...
  • Talk about the release schedule. ...
  • Explain the podcast's structure. ...
  • Say goodbye and share where people can find more:
Jun 17, 2022
... see details ›

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Can a solo podcast be successful?

If that sounds familiar, it's still possible to have a very successful podcast. The solo podcast format is becoming increasingly popular and enables you to start a podcast without needing a lineup of guests or a co-host.... view details ›

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What are the 3 types of podcasts?

Panel. Nonfiction narrative story-telling. Fictional story-telling. Hybrid.... continue reading ›

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Is a solo podcast a good idea?

A solo episode featuring just the host can seem more organic to the listener. It's a great way to cultivate a more intimate connection between host and audience. To come off even more organically, try recording voice memos on your phone. When you have an idea for a solo episode, record it at that moment.... view details ›

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Why do most podcasts fail?

Poor audio quality is a distraction that will lead to your audience tuning you out. There's no winning with poor quality. Address this right out of the gate. Once you've planned to produce a good quality show, then you can place your focus on the quality of your conversation, presentation and topics.... read more ›

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Why you shouldn't make a podcast?

You think it needs little time.

Many people think that podcasting needs a bit of reading and a little bit of speaking, and anyone can record an episode quickly. And such people shouldn't start a podcast, because it is going to demand a lot more of your time.... view details ›

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What are the challenges of podcasters?

But, as is with most things in life, podcasting comes with its own bag of challenges.
7 Common Challenges Podcasters Face and How to Overcome Them
  • Getting Started. ...
  • Self-Doubt. ...
  • Equipment. ...
  • Podcasting is Too Technical. ...
  • Monetization. ...
  • Creativity/Fresh Content. ...
  • Staying Motivated.
Apr 28, 2022

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How do I get 1000 listeners for my podcast?

3 Tips for New Podcasters To Help You Quickly Reach 1,000...
  1. How to reach the first 1,000 listeners? ...
  2. Build your podcast audience. ...
  3. Give your listeners excellent value on any topic, and they'll always come back for more. ...
  4. Bring fresh value and excitement in each episode.

How to start a podcast with no audience? [Solved] (2022)

How do podcasts get followers?

So, to help increase your podcast listeners, below are six crucial tips that can help people find you.
  1. Create a Podcast trailer.
  2. Use Call to Actions.
  3. Promote your Podcast on social media.
  4. Repurpose your Podcast content.
  5. Podcast SEO.
  6. Invite guests and star as a guest.
... see more ›

How do I increase my podcast listener?

A comprehensive guide to getting more loyal listeners for your podcast.
  1. ‍Target your specific audience.
  2. Research your podcast audience.
  3. Connect with your listeners.
  4. Optimize your show for search-results success on Spotify‍
  5. Welcome a guest.
  6. Create a trailer.
  7. Set your goals and track how you're meeting them.
Jul 20, 2022
... continue reading ›

What makes a podcast successful?

Keep the topic simple.

A podcast with focus is going to be much easier for potential listeners to understand. You might think a wide appeal will get a wider audience but more often a narrow appeal means there's less likelihood others are doing the same thing. And the listeners you get will be very excited to find you.... see details ›

Which podcast platform is best?

Here are our top picks for the best podcast hosting sites for 2022:
  • Fusebox. ...
  • Blubrry Podcasting. ...
  • Spreaker. ...
  • PodcastWebsites. ...
  • Audioboom. ...
  • Libsyn. The most reliable podcast hosting site. ...
  • Soundcloud. Best platform for audio content creators. ...
  • Podomatic. Best freemium podcast hosting platform.
Jul 4, 2022

How many listeners do you need to make money on a podcast?

You usually need a larger audience of at least 5K or 10K listeners per month to work with them. One of the largest ad networks is Midroll, another popular network is Authentic, and many of the podcast hosting companies have their own networks as well.... see more ›

How long should a podcast last?

If you know your listeners are listening in during their commute, keep your podcast to between 20 and 30 minutes. If your listeners do their housework while they listen, 15 to 60 minutes will keep them entertained.... read more ›

How long is the ideal podcast?

A 15 to 30-minute podcast is ideal for podcasters that produce content around short stories, daily news, and trending topics. This podcast length is common among shows with solo hosts. Popular podcasts that generally stay within 15-30 minutes include The Daily and Blackout.... read more ›

How do I introduce my first podcast?

Podcast Intros: 10 Tips to Get Your Listeners Hooked
  1. Introduce Your Podcast.
  2. Start With a Question. ...
  3. Set the Tone for Your Podcast. ...
  4. Choose the Right Music. ...
  5. Create a Tagline. ...
  6. Write Your Intro Beforehand. ...
  7. Mention a Website or Call to Action. ...
  8. Include Disclaimers When Needed. ...
Oct 30, 2018

Can a podcast be 1 person?

Podcasts can take many forms: one-man shows, cohosts, guests, call-in, etc. Metafilter founder Matt Haughey, who has put in hundreds of hours on podcasting, recommends that your show involve two or three hosts. I listen to a lot of podcasts and the most typical format is 2 or 3 hosts and sometimes one guest.... continue reading ›

How long are solo podcasts?

Depending on the podcast, episodes can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2-3 hours – wow! But, what's important to remember here is that, as a solo host, you'll be the only person talking the entire time.... view details ›

Can a normal person start a podcast?

Podcasting alone - just you and the mic

To host a podcast by yourself, the work will all fall on your shoulders in the beginning. That is unless you have a company backing your show from the outset. You'll need to come up with all the show ideas, create the content, and then market them.... view details ›

What genre of podcast is most popular?

Edison Research announces the Top Podcast Genres in the U.S. for Q1 2022, and comedy takes the top spot as the genre consumed by most weekly podcast listeners. The list ranks the most popular podcast genres based on audience size from Edison Podcast Metrics.... view details ›

What makes a podcast unique?

Podcasts are a unique form of media because people use them both to learn and to be entertained, according to The Canadian Podcast Listener 2020, which has released a sneak preview of some of its findings. The research says that the attentive, lean-in audience for podcasts is great for advertisers.... continue reading ›

What is a hybrid podcast?

A hybrid podcast tends to be one that has a set host, but often has other guest hosts or speakers who contribute to the show. It usually starts with a commentary or monologue from the host and then moves into a panel discussion, interview, or contribution from another source.... read more ›

Do I need headphones for a podcast?

The answer is YES. You do need headphones for podcasting. Headphones are a must for any type of podcast kit. You're going to need headphones regardless of where you're recording, or the environment you're recording in.... view details ›

How many episodes should a podcast be?

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to podcast season length. You might choose to release a season with only 4 episodes. Or you might release more than 20. Basically, you should make your season as long as it needs to be to cover a topic completely.... view details ›

What's the best day to release a podcast?

Research from Megaphone reveals that most podcasters publish the newest episodes on Wednesday, Tuesday, and Thursday (in that order) between 2 AM and 5 AM, with 5 AM gaining the max amount of downloads. According to Megaphone, podcasts that publish episodes on Tuesdays at 5 AM are downloaded the most.... see details ›

How many episodes should a podcast have?

There is no set of rules or guidelines for length of your show , you have the choice. You're never locked into a set length for your podcast. Just because your first episode is 30 minutes, that doesn't mean you have to make every episode 30 minutes, especially if you don't have 30 minutes' worth of content.... see more ›

Do I need to be famous to start a podcast?

People think that anyone with an internet connection and basic equipment can record something and become rich and famous. In reality, though, fame can be much more about luck of the draw than anything else–especially for podcasts that don't put the work in (more on that in a moment).... view details ›

Is it worth starting a podcast in 2022?

Let's face it, success at most things requires planning and consistency. Right now, podcasting is an area where having the discipline to do those things can pay off in a big way. So, is it still worth starting a podcast in 2022? Definitely.... see details ›

Do podcasters make any money?

Sponsorships are the most common way podcasters make money. This is when the podcast promotes the sponsor during the show. You probably hear your favorite shows plug their advertisers a few times in every episode. How much you earn from a sponsor depends on the number of downloads your episodes earn.... continue reading ›

Why have a podcast?

Podcasting is one of the best methods to talk about something you enjoy or are passionate about. You are able to talk freely and engage with your audience on a personal level. Not only is this an effective way to teach your audience or share your understanding, but it also makes the experience more enjoyable for you.... continue reading ›

How do I make a podcast go viral?

In Summary
  1. Become an early mover in a niche.
  2. Release frequent content.
  3. Use all distribution networks.
  4. Create a separate website that captures leads and makes the podcasts available.
  5. Grow your mailing lists.
  6. Interview guests and send them links to their episodes.
  7. Send guests links to their episodes.

How much do podcasters make a year?

Income from Popular Podcasts

The Dave Ramsey Show has 13 million weekly listeners and earns nearly $10 million in annual income. Shepard Armchair Expert earns $9 million a year with almost 20 million monthly listeners. The Bill Simmons Podcast earns $7 million yearly income. Chapo Trap House makes $2 million each year.... see details ›

Do podcasts on Spotify make money?

The short answer is: No. Spotify does not pay for podcasts, but fret not! We have good news for you: There are many ways to monetize a Spotify podcast. You can make money on your podcasts through sponsorships, affiliate programs, ads, coaching, and more.... continue reading ›

Why is my podcast not growing?

So if your show isn't growing, look first to the premise, because it's the first interaction your audience will have with your podcast. If it's too vague or undifferentiated (i.e., “a show about [industry]”), you can't expect listeners to select it.... read more ›

How do I get my podcast known?

Give your existing audience and potential listeners the opportunity to join an email list via a sign-up link on your podcast website or episode show notes. Email can be an effective way to give listeners early access to new episodes, announce upcoming podcast guests, and promote giveaways.... see details ›

How do I create an anonymous podcast?

Creating a pseudonym for anonymous podcasting starts with creating a new email address. And in order to create a new email address that's completely separate from your existing sort of identities, really what we're talking about is creating a different domain for your both your website and for your show.... see more ›

How do you get a podcast audience?

So, to help increase your podcast listeners, below are six crucial tips that can help people find you.
  1. Create a Podcast trailer.
  2. Use Call to Actions.
  3. Promote your Podcast on social media.
  4. Repurpose your Podcast content.
  5. Podcast SEO.
  6. Invite guests and star as a guest.
... read more ›

How much does it cost to start a podcast?

In fact, if you already have a computer and you're operating on a shoestring budget, you can record, edit, and launch a podcast for less than $200. On the other hand, if you want to use higher-end equipment, starting a podcast can cost a few thousand dollars.... see more ›

What is required to start a podcast?

Steps to Start a Podcast
  • Decide why you want to start a podcast.
  • Choose a podcast topic, theme, and name.
  • Select a podcast format and structure.
  • Create podcast branding.
  • Set up your podcast equipment.
  • Find the best podcast recording software.
  • Prepare for your first few podcast episodes.
Jun 23, 2022

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