Surfice meaning? (2023)

How do you spell Surfice?

verb (used without object), suf·ficed, suf·fic·ing. to be enough or adequate, as for needs, purposes, etc.

How do you use the word suffice?

If you say that something will suffice, you mean it will be enough to achieve a purpose or to fulfill a need. A cover letter should never exceed one page; often a far shorter letter will suffice.

Is it correct to say is suffice?

A: Yes. As the language moved on and subjunctives became rarer, many dropped the “it”. However, it's worth noting that America still heavily favours “suffice it to say” and even Britain prefers it.

What does suffice to say mean?

idiom. used to say that one could give more information about something but that the statement that follows is enough. Suffice to say, she has a lot on her hands with four children.

How do you write suffice?

Suffice it to say or suffice to say is used at the beginning of a statement to indicate that what you are saying is obvious, or that you will only give a short explanation. Suffice it to say that afterwards we never met again. Suffice to say, it was more than a couple of years ago!

Is suffice enough?

To suffice is to be enough, in either quality or quantity. It may not be gourmet all the time, but if your food is healthy, it will suffice.

What are correct synonyms of suffice?

synonyms for suffice
  • get by.
  • satisfy.
  • answer.
  • avail.
  • content.
  • do.
  • meet.
  • serve.

What is another way to say Suffice to say?

Suffice it to say is used in much the same way as similar phrases, such as needless to say and it goes without saying, which indicate that the information given is obvious and needs no further details or explanation.

What is the opposite of suffice?

Opposite of to be adequate or enough for a given task or purpose. displease. dissatisfy. miss. refuse.

Is there a past tense of suffice?

The past tense of suffice is sufficed.

What is the noun for suffice?

noun. /səˈfɪʃnsi/ /səˈfɪʃnsi/ [singular] (formal) ​sufficiency (of something) an amount of something that is enough for a particular purpose.

What is the noun form of suffice?

(obsolete) The condition or quality of being sufficient; sufficiency. (obsolete) Capability; competence.

What type of speech is suffice?

intransitive verb

Is not suffice in a sentence?

"If you are faced with an abscess, simple medication does not suffice. One view of this rare work does not suffice; I look forward to rewatching it. Though this is Vachaspati's account, it does not suffice according to Bhikshu. "I told Frank, 'The title of ambassador does not suffice for you, Frank.

What is the plural of suffice?

(nonstandard) plural of suffix.

What is the adjective of suffice?

Word family (noun) sufficiency (adjective) sufficient ≠ insufficient (verb) suffice (adverb) sufficiently ≠ insufficiently.

Is there a comma after Suffice it to say?

Suffice it to say is most often affixed to the beginning of any declarative sentence or clause. It is commonly followed with the word “that,” but it is not necessary for proper grammar use. The phrase also does not need to be followed with a comma.

How do you use the word suffuse in a sentence?

Her face was suffused with colour. Colour suffused her face. The room was suffused with a soft golden light.

How do you use suffice in past tense?

past tense of suffice is sufficed.

What is the difference between suffice and sufficient?

The biggest difference here is that suffice is a verb: The food you bought will suffice for the party and, for you and me, for several months beyond. Sufficient is an adjective derived from the verb suffice: Yes, you may say we have sufficient food for the body, but some good loving would feed my soul.

What type of word is suffice?

verb (used with object), suf·ficed, suf·fic·ing. to be enough or adequate for; satisfy.

Would not suffice a sentence?

Sentence examples for would not suffice from inspiring English sources. One day would not suffice. Merely winning would not suffice. But words alone would not suffice here.

Is Choused a word?

verb (used with object), choused, chous·ing. to swindle; cheat (often followed by of or out of). a swindle.

What is a sentence for nascent?

There are nascent signs that the competition is getting closer. Much of its plans lean on nascent technology. Many of the technologies you mention in the book are very nascent.

What is Monotonus sentence?

If sentences in a paragraph begin with the same opening subject, the writing becomes monotonous.

Will more than suffice meaning?

will more than enough. will more than satisfy. exact ( 3 ) For now, though, this imaginative renovation will more than suffice.

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